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  • Jiangyin Xiangsheng Textile Printing Machinery Co.,Ltd.
  • Add : Chengshan Road,Shanguan Industrial Park,Jiangyin City,Jiangsu Province,China
  • Tel :+86-510-86996678  ,
  • Fax :+86-0510-86996668
  • Service Hotline :4008114114Turn xiangsheng textile machinery
  • E-mail :sales@jyxsmach.com

Company Profile

Xiangsheng Machine is situated within Chengdong Development Zone of Jiangyin, Wuxi on the east side of Jiangyin Yangtze River Bridge and next to two highways—Beijing-Shanghai and Yanjiang. 

The company owns advantageous geographical location and convenient traffic.

Having devoted to the equipment processing and manufacturing for three decades, Xiangsheng owns engineers in different fields. It makes use of the academic resources within the province and produces following machines: Xiangsheng GSR-5 Jean Sizing-Dyeing Machine, Xiangsheng GS-6 Multi-Unit Efficient Sizing Machine, Xiangsheng GSR-7 Jean Bundle Dyeing Machine, Xiangsheng GSS-8 Singeing and Sanforizing Machine, and Xiangsheng GSY-9 Knitted Fabric Loose Sanforizing Machine

Depending on technical innovation and scientific management, Xiangsheng Machine aims to win the market with high quality products and honest service. We welcome friends from different sections to visit us.

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